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Our artisan skincare is appropriate for men & women (unisex) & caters to sensitive skincare needs. Combining the purest of pure plant botanicals and flowers that aid in the building and repair of the skins natural defense we proudly introduce Me and a Tree Plant-Based Fully Vegan Skincare System. We have been making fresh skincare products 

for over a decade helping thousands who have sensitive skin or who simply do not want chemicals and toxins in their body & face care products.

Each of our products is formulated & made in small batches ensuring the freshness & potency of each of the plant, flower, herb, & clay minerals that are available. Confidently use our all-natural & organic wildcrafted face care system with the assurance knowing these products work and that we use these products both on ourselves and our own family with certainly and trust. Each ingredient is carefully sourced & researched for maximum skincare benefits. Proven results. Eco-friendly & Cruelty-free