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What makes our face care unique? First and foremost, we formulate for sensitive skincare needs. We value the natural ingredients mother earth gives us and we incorporate them into fresh batches of face creams, facial serums, and truly naturally gentle facial soaps for people like you that love quality. Enjoy using our products with beneficial plants, flowers, essential oils, and olive, almond, avocado, shea butter & fruit oils of the highest quality.

All of our products are made here in the USA & are always cruelty-free. You can proudly use Me and a Tree Vegan Plant-based skincare such as day/night creams, lotions, lip care, body lotions & soaps for the whole family knowing you are getting the highest quality of herbal infusions & top tier hydrating natural botanical ingredients found in a natural handcrafted brand. 

Types: Serums. Soaps. Exfoliators. Day Creams. Night Creams. Lip Balms

If you are looking for an eco-conscious artisan face care system that delivers beautifully natural skincare results, you will enjoy our products. We have been catering to sensitive skincare needs for over a decade. Proven results. We passion natural living, the environment and helping you with attaining your skincare goals- naturally and without the use of harmful chemicals.