Face Soap

You've tried many soaps and they make your face itch, burn or break out-  we can help! ME AND A TREE formulate specifically for sensitive skincare needs. You certainly don't have to have sensitive skin to enjoy our specially balanced natural face soaps! Getting the right formula for an excellent facial bar soap requires a firm foundation in chemistry. Sensitive skincare needs are not only taken into consideration but prioritized here at ME AND A TREE. Plants have their unique chemistry and natural oils that are freshly pressed do as well. Combining these delicate -yet potent ingredients is not only an art- but also a science. Not all soaps are created equal. Have you tried this impressive selection of natural mineral, clay & botanical bar soaps for you & your family yet? You will be delightfully surprised! Learn more here and enjoy your new favorite artisan bar.

Did you know that even a bar of soap with the same ingredients may not be appropriate for the face? With facial soaps, you must go beyond ingredients and have confidence in the maker's chemistry and amounts of each ingredient they use- this is where the chemistry changes in each bar and makes a huge difference. Getting a bar to lather naturally takes knowledge of how much of a purely organic & natural ingredient to use in combination with the other natural ingredients. The amounts of each change the chemistry of the bar.

Our plant-based & clay facial soap bars & masks can be used for gentle and mild cleansing, micro-exfoliation & deep pore refinement. Family and Pet-Friendly bars are also offered. All of our mineral, flower, essential oil and clay bars are truly artisan & hand-crafted works of art- and more!