This gentle exfoliating scrub incorporates rose hips, finely ground natural coffee beans, fine organic turbinado & demerara brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, borage, primrose, Vit E and more. What a beautiful addition to your skincare routine. Best used after a gentle wash with our facial soaps. This Gentle fine granule exfoliating scrub gently sloughs the delicate facial skin revealing a new fresh beautiful layer of skin that looks healthy, vibrant and alive. Gently polish away imperfections. Hydrating oils that plump up the skin help rejuvenate tired-looking skin. The infusion of sweet almond oil, virgin cold-pressed olive fruit, and jojoba all in a synergistically blended creamy mix make exfoliating a naturally calming & rewarding experience. Enjoy the gentle exfoliating power of essential fatty acids that truly make skin refinement a pleasing positive experience. This facial (& body) scrub has women of a "certain age" extremally happy with their new skin's flawless hydrated & more youthful appearance.  Appropriate for all skin types.