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Fall Holiday Soy Candle Gift Set

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Share warm memories this holiday season with our Holiday Soy Candle Gift Set that includes our Deep Forest Aromatherapy Massage Candle 8oz. Our Herbal Deep Forest candle is like being in a deep lush forest of evergreen trees. Inspired by the beauty and nature of Washington State. Moisturizing, long burning natural 100% soy wax soy candle that can be used on the skin, cuticles and massage or simply a relaxing aroma therapy experience.

Our Pumpkin Spice Aromatherapy Massage Moisturizing candle 8oz is more than just a holiday sweet special. Due to popular request we gladly produce this holiday warming pleasure year round. Made with a blend of holiday spices for that house warming tea or dessert party. Another intoxicating holiday spiced treat made with love by Me And A Tree Skincare. 

Our Rosemary Sage Aromatherapy Soy Candle 8oz You will love this unobtrusive earthy scent. Long burning Rosemary & Clary Sage soy candles for the bathroom, living room and living space. I especially love these for the bathroom as they mask well without being overly fragrant. Gives a living space a very organic calming feel. There's really no place this candle can't go. It's soft and subtle. Nice touch to a spa or yoga studio as well. Lovely eco-friendly gift. All our candles are made with a 100% cotton wick and always soot free. 

Our Plumeria Vanilla Aromatherapy Luxurious Massage Candle 8oz Is the sweetheart of our collection. A blend of French Vanilla extracts with a hint of the Plumeria Flower that is sure to delight the senses. Great for a tea, bath, java or dessert party and a luxuriously relaxing massage. 

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