The C Word & Hope (Things We Cherish & Love)

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What do you cherish and love? I can name about five things off the top of my head. My husband, my cats, the ocean, making natural products, and music. Not necessarily in that order. Some things just give me a smile deep in my heart. My cat Butterball was one of those cherished souls who side-swiped me and stole my heart early on (15 years ago to be exact). My cat was adorable. He had clumsy big rabbit hind feet that always seemed to be in front of his front paw.  His half-closed eyes that would slowly blink when I...

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Did you know we are MORE than a Name?

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I am so excited! It's been a few months of searching for a new name for Pixie Dust Naturals. We sent out a questionnaire asking for our loyal customers opinions and what came back delightfully surprised us! You said that you didn't really care what the new name was as long as it reflected our philosophy and still was the same fantastic product we have always provide- and it is and will always be! That's out promise! We are selecting a name that allows you to share our brand with friends & family with confidence and we are choosing a name that matches our values...

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Bath Bombs Trade Shows & My Life! (also Part 2 from Mexico)

Loving our new bath bombs I created this season! I decided that I was going to make them without any fragrance or colorants. I use only pure essential oils and natural clays. I am enjoying the softness the bombs leave in my bath time. Their delicate scent lifts my mood and feels so nice on my skin. I love using pure essential oils as opposed to fragrance because I am allergic to certain fragrances and if I am going to be soaking my body I prefer essential oils. Those that do not like overly strong scents are going to ADORE...

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