DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining Program).

These last five months have been incredible since I began my journey into DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System). After being diagnosed with P.O.T.S. and severe food allergies, I started a journey to healing that has been nothing short of a miracle. I had to focus on my health and practice consistently every day for one hour and do plenty of other things to heal. It has been well worth the journey.

Month five into DNRS and I am doing so much better. It's minimally a six-month program that helps your body relearn pathways by rewiring the brain. A woman named Annie Hopper is the founder and is at the cutting edge of this incredible neuroscience.

People that end up finding DNRS and healing have encountered "a perfect storm". Usually, chemical poisoning or illness and even a loss can set one up to end up with what is known as "limbic system impairment." It is when the neurons in your brain can start firing and wiring in ways that can affect the heart, and all limbic system functions. It is not a fun place to be. I landed in such a place.

I will write more about my journey in the future but suffice it to say, if you have been suffering from an unexplained illness and have been to doctor after doctor, you may want to look into DNRS. It's working beautifully for me and many many others.

I noticed a difference after just two weeks of the brain exercises. It's pretty amazing. I am doing much better now although still training every day. It has allowed me to get my health back and I am enjoying running and swimming again with no issues. That's a lot to say coming from someone who had P.O.T.S.

If you have looked into a lot of modalities and been to many doctors, and still can't get the help and answers you need, then I HIGHLY recommend DNRS. It has given me my life back, and I am on my healing journey. What a gift.

People that have benefited from DNRS have MCS, Lyme, POTS, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Severe Food Allergies, and much more. For more information go to the DNRS youtube channel and watch people's testimonies. Before you write them off as crazy, I know many of them and they are far from it. Some have suffered for more than 15 years and are healing finally in the DNRS program. Check it out! here's a link that explains it well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoJb5JQcXVw


  • Michelle Touchstone

    Hi Amina!
    It took about 9 months to see the beginning of a difference in the POTS. That was probably the one I was also wondering the most about! I am recovered. It takes about 1-2 years for a lot of the “stuff” to get back to normal. The other stuff besides POTS. Being that it’s your limbic system (which runs all your organs hormones etc) it takes time— and everyone’s healing journey time frame is different. The best thing we tell people (those that have done the system) is don’t focus on the time and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s- simply breathe & focus on the beautiful healing journey of your own- because every day is a better day. I noticed a difference in my food issues within 2 weeks. But it’s taken me a few years to deal with food allergies etc. But the amazing thing is you can eat all the foods – even wheat, etc without issues. I feel better when I eat healthy and mostly sprouted wheat (if I eat it) – but I can indulge without an incident (like parties, etc) and that is an amazing thing. It’s not all in your mind- its a real (biological) thing, but your brain can rewire it and that is the beauty & cutting edge science of DNRS & programs (systems) like it. Congratulations on starting it! Look me up in the forum and say Hi!

  • Amina

    Waaawwww amazing! I just start this program too. How many time did you do DNRS to be full revovered from POTS?
    Thanking you.

  • Michelle (Owner of ME AND A TREE)

    Stacey, yes! I am completely recovered from P.O.T.S and several of my fellow retrainers are as well. I hope you enjoy the program as much as we did! After one year I can say this one of the best things to ever happen to me. I learned so much about the brain and neuroplasticity. I was down to 5 foods and can now eat ANYTHING I want. That’s a HUGE breakthrough. I had not only POTS but severe food allergies. ALL GONE. I also incorporated herbal remedies and supplements after the 6 -8 months period in DNRS. I am now enjoying my continued research into hormonal health and am doing great despite going through peri-menopause!

  • Stacy Tsosie

    How did it help? Are you fully recovered for pots? I just order them!

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