Being healthy isn't only about what you put in and on your body. It's important but it's not the "end all be all". Mental health (being satisfied and happy) is also what helps keeps dis-ease from growing in our bodies. The mental affects the physical and that's proven science. Think about it. Ever have an argument and get a stomach ache or a headache? Ever have a problem and can't sleep? An individual that eats healthy and abstains from chemicals can still be miserable or unsatisfied in life. Depression and medication are becoming all too common of a way of life and many souls still do not find the answers going the "medicated route". Some, unfortunately, end their own lives from the use of those medications side effects and because life can become so out of control and way too overwhelming. If that's you-you are not alone. Do not give up. Change can happen with the right tools. 

Or maybe you have a lot of success already in your life but you feel a basic lack of passion? Or perhaps you want to lose weight and have a great mind but can't seem to stay on track with your physical goals?  Perhaps you'd like to have more self-confidence to go after your dreams and passions? Maybe you want more time to spend with the people you care about. Whatever your struggle is- there is a way to break free and hit all your life and success goals. People do it every day and you can too.  Wouldn't that be great? How proud would you feel walking through a room of people you love with that feeling of proud accomplishment? Wouldn't that feel amazing? What if you accomplished your biggest life goals this year? How great would that feel? How serious are you about it? How bad do you really want it? Then stop settling for less than you deserve and sign up for my Eden & Oasis Master Class Course that will help you get to where you want to be!.

My 1/1 Master Class Course Registration STARTS NOW! Email me at michelle@meandatree.com  or you can simply click here to fill out our form.

You want to create your success and happiness, right? 

My 6 week personal one on one course will show you the steps to get unstuck right now. You do not want to miss it! But why should you sign up? Here's why.

If a person doesn't have their own "success", then it wouldn't make sense to talk to them about where you want to go, right? Here is a little bit about myself and why I know I can help you. I achieve success and so will you if you apply the principles and information I give you in my upcoming Master Class to your own life. 

I will share my success mindset with you one on one. I will explain to you how I did it and what you can do right now to change your state of mind and achieve exactly what you really want in life. But this is a hands-on class and not a lecture type class. I believe in getting your hands dirty, so get ready to have some fun and TAKE ACTION! 

Here are just a few facts about me so you can understand why I am so confident about you achieving a success mindset and your dream life with my 6-week course. 

  • I started my own company with no money, no savings account & no family support. Ya, believe it. 
  • I run a business that generates over 6 figures yearly. 
  • I have a vibrant body & mind despite going through an illness that supposedly isn't curable- yet I am (I learned a lot from it and I will share that too).
  • I enjoy a successful & playful relationship with my husband going on 22 years.
  • I have time to work, play, exercise, socialize and vacation with relative ease.
  • I am capable and confident & continue to expand my level of enjoyment/knowledge/dreams.
  • I can go where I want when I want with whomever I want- true freedom!

Now, what about you? How's your life and dreams comin' along?

I do not come from a perfect family with money and stability- yet I am reaching all my goals in life and you can too. I overcame a lot of baggage in my life and so can you.

My gift is creative communication and I am sure you will enjoy my easy to understand E.D.E.N. & O.A.S.I.S. teaching method tailored specifically for you because I will speak to you before the course even starts to make sure this course is right for you and will guarantee your success. This is a hands-on course, not some listen and forget course. It is my own unique method and no one else is teaching it. I am sharing it with you one on one. Sign up for my 6-week Master Class and begin your transformation into the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF you have ever seen!

Achieving success is a mindset and you have it inside of you. It's simply waiting to be let loose! At the end of life- do you want any regrets? Are you ready to focus and grow? If you're ready to explore all that your life has waiting for you now then simply click here to fill out our form. Please include your name number and the best time to talk (morning evening, weekend weekday). Prioritize yourself and your dreams today and let's get started. Til then reach for your dreams -the sky is the limit!

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