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Simple Stretch for Lower Back on the Yoga Trapeze

That's me in the stretch trapeze doing a lower back stretch before I make soap today! Lotus In Love and Dead Sea along with a few others.  I am a fairly active person. Living in South Florida I enjoy my life. I run, swim, work with my body and hands making soaps, and body care for hours at a time, snorkel and scuba dive. I like staying in good shape so I can enjoy all the things I love and that bring joy to my life. Being pain-free helps me smile through all my years. Having back pain would hinder my life a lot. So I stretch. I like keeping it fun too.  According to a study published by, lower back pain is on...

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Blue Journey

After realizing how important is it to pay attention to the environment, I decided to step up and get certified so I could help gather information for research scientists. I fell in love with the Cenotes when my husband and I took a trip to Mexico. Dipping into the crystal clear waters there surrounded by the living beauty of caves and caverns in the forests was like a time capsule into the past before commercial buildings crowded everything. It was quiet and peaceful. I feared it would change soon. I felt like the waters of the world needed to be protected. There is so much commerce and building happening in and over areas that are affecting the biodiversity of fish...

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Diving with the Go Pro

Today as I am preparing for Father's Day weekend and singing at church, my mind can't help but race towards scuba diving and photography. It's going to be a fun busy summer for me. Between Me and a Tree (my skincare company) and studying corals, I will be doing something every day. No time for boredom, that's for sure!  I am excited and looking forward to getting in the water! It's almost summer here in South Florida, and if you don't get in the water- you'll likely be too hot! Most will stay inside until after six or seven at night when the sun starts setting. She sets so beautifully while casting her pink marmalade streaks across the blue, green sky melting...

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