Me and a Tree Skin Care News and Blogs are where you can read about what I have been up to, along with our latest offerings here. Here you will find product promotions, healthy living and wellness articles, latest trends and research in the healthy living and skin care field. I also enjoy sharing my latest recipes for healthy living that are 100% plant-based recipes that are delicious and easy and fun to make. I try to post daily, but sometimes it ends up being only a few times a month. Enjoy staying up to date with my real life and what research I am enjoying, books I am reading, beautiful hikes, or outdoor life I am experiencing! I enjoy sharing my zest for life, love, travel, food, reflection, and skincare! Additionally, all my blogs can be searched by keyword too so, if you are looking for some plant-based recipes, simply type "recipe" in the search bar on my home page, and you will find plant-based recipes that I have invented! Same thing with acne, rosacea, eczema, and the like! Enjoy!