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Is a Vegan Lifestyle Really Healthy? Part 1 (Nutrition)

Vegan food, Vegan Clothing, the Vegan Lifestyle. It's pretty much everywhere these days. But why choose a vegan plant-based meal over a balanced meat-based plate you ask? It's a great question. Often Vegans (as well as Vegetarians) are met with the disbelief that one can obtain all the daily requirements in a purely vegan diet. So how is a Vegan to make sure to get the daily requirements of Calcium, Vitamin D, Protein, B12, and Zinc? These are important questions and should be addressed. Vegans, as well as non-Vegans, should have the opportunity to see the science behind the health benefits of the Vegan lifestyle. Maybe you're a Vegan or have flirted with the idea of becoming Vegan. Perhaps you've been leery of...

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