Scuba Diving with the Go Pro

Today as I am preparing for Father's Day weekend and singing at church, my mind can't help but race towards scuba diving and photography. It's going to be a fun busy summer for me. Between Me and a Tree (my skincare company) and studying corals, I will be doing something every day. No time for boredom, that's for sure! 

I am excited and looking forward to getting in the water! It's almost summer here in South Florida, and if you don't get in the water- you'll likely be too hot! Most will stay inside until after six or seven at night when the sun starts setting. She sets so beautifully while casting her pink marmalade streaks across the blue, green sky melting as the night falls upon us. Evening reminds me of how incredibly lucky I am to be alive another beautiful day here in Miami / Fort Lauderdale. I feel truly blessed. I however, will be IN the water during the hot summer months enjoying the fishies. Evening will be ON the beach eating and watching the sunset with my husband and dive buddies after an eventful day. 

As I contemplate my next deep dive, I wonder how I can share my experience with the world. Most indeed I will bring my GoPro Camera.  I have a lens filter that captures the colors as our eyes see naturally; that will help viewers like you, experience what I am experiencing under the water. It's small and takes great video under water at depth. Here's my first wreck dive video. 

I have a lot to learn about underwater photography, but I have a few friends that scuba dive and shoot beautiful photos, and I hope to learn from them so I can share it.  Maybe the next time you read here, you will see all the pictures of all my scuba diving adventures with my GoPro camera! Here's one of me free-diving adventures a few months ago. Until we meet...

Live healthy and beautifully,
See you soon!

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