One of the Best Snorkel Spots in South Florida

One of my favorite things to do with my husband is to go snorkeling in West Palm Beach at a little spot called Phil Foster Park off Blue Heron Bridge.

Yellow Sea Horse

One reason we love going is that it's relatively easy to snorkel, and it isn't very deep (5-20 feet) and has a lot of underwater sea life. I have seen starfish, parrot fish, walking fish, eels, rockfish, needlefish, and a lot of other species! It's an amazing place to take pictures too, so definitely bring your go pro! 


Tomorrow we are hoping to catch a glimpse of the ever beautiful and elusive "seahorse." Yes, they do have them there! Phil Foster Park is that amazing. I have yet to see one so l am looking forward to seeing something I have yet to behold!


I enjoy getting people involved in enjoying Florida's water because it helps people understand more about saving corals, plants, and animal life, both on land and in the ocean. The more we experience the wonders of this amazing blue planet the more likely we are to treat it with the respect she deserves. Diving and snorkeling is also a great way to learn more about nature and all it's creatures while having a blast at the same time! It's truly a treat for the eyes and senses!


I am especially looking forward to this excursion tomorrow because bridge work will begin on July 12 on the west fender side of the big bridge; it is not likely to reach the dive site before mid-September but we can't be sure how this will affect water visibility and sea life. The project is expected to be completed by Spring 2020. I want to get a dive in before all the water get stirred up.


So, if you get a chance to visit Florida you should certainly check out the Phil Foster Park for snorkeling because it's a great spot to see some of the most incredible underwater sea creatures you've ever laid eyes on. Make sure you don't touch anything for your own safety and for the protection, safety, and the preservation of all the sea life as well. I highly recommend this park for kids and beginning snorkelers as well as experienced scuba divers too, so grab the family, and be sure to wear reef safe sunscreen and get ready to have some fun! See you under the blue...

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