New Labels Coming! Woo-hoo!

At Me and a Tree, we have been making our own labels for a long, long time. It's time to step it up to the next level, don't you think? So do we! We wanted to design something simple and clean that will look light and natural in your bathroom. It will be pretty similar to what we have BUT BETTER! Stay tuned for better quality - longer lasting labels that will be water and smudge proof! FINALLY! You asked for it! We're doing it! We are sending out the final color and are going for a clean spa look. I will send you the big reveal as soon as they come in and we label the goodies we make for you every week. 

Obviously, what's INSIDE your skin care is more important than what's on the OUTSIDE (but it doesn't hurt to have a bottle that matches the quality). We value and respect plants and animals, and that's why we choose to source from eco-friendly and cruelty-free farms for our raw materials- enabling us to bring you clean and naturally pure ingredients.There is simply no need to test on animals in this day and age and it's wrong to harm a creature that has its own soul just for our comfort. Plus, plants are better for your skin in the long run. We are committed to cruelty-free ingredients and manufacturing.

Did you know you are making a difference? Each purchase you make from Me and a Tree helps bring back animal habitats and forests in South America, and that's something you can be very proud of. In addition to bringing back eco-habitats in previously dry regions, each purchase you make also supports American farming, a
We source from certified Rain Forest Alliance growers, and though it costs a little extra we think it's worth it. We only have one earth to hand down to our kids.  So we vote with our dollars and daily choices and you can too.
Again, thank you for caring enough to not only support animal rights by saying no to animal testing by going cruelty-free but I also want to say thank you for supporting local family owned business.  Small businesses are vital to your communities and the local economy. The biggest difference between a big box store and a small batch skin care company such as ours is the time and care we put into every product along with the ingredients. You want skin care that's been made recently and fresh over a product made to last years and years on a shelf. Increasing shelf life means increasing cancer causing chemicals that we simply do not think is safe or necessary. 
Fresh ingredients in small batches are why we choose to stay a small local company over "going big". It simply would be difficult to supply truly fresh ingredients on a big box store large scale. So please do remember that if you want natural and fresh, you must support local, or one day you and I may not have a choice.

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