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Do you enjoy turning your bath and shower time into a beautiful spa experience? Natural handmade essential oil bars are a wonderfully calming therapeutic experience. We include carefully selected fine essential oils in the Cedarwood and Yuzu Luxury Soap Bar to help bring down anxiety, cleanse skin, and boost well- being. It's part of my life routine as well as my skincare regimen. 

Imagine after a long day on your feet, slipping into a soft, warm bath full of flowers petals and a calming well crafted, essential oil soap bar in your hand. You smell the softly scented cedars of a beautiful green forest. The smell from the soap already starts to calm your racing thoughts from the work day, while you lay your plushy white Turkish towel over the rim of your tub or shower as your tired feet lead you to a quiet place of watery peace and serenity. 


As you slip into the tranquil, warm water, you notice your neck, shoulders, and back soften and let go of all your to-do lists. The scent of essential oils swirls around your bathroom, as you light a Cedarwood Candle and dim the lights. Now you are clothed in a flickering, soft candlelight. Perhaps you tap on your favorite calm music and silence your phone and unplug from all incoming communications and enjoy the silence. Now you are sitting in your peaceful home spa. Safe from the world and its demands. All you have to do after this relaxing aromatherapy experience is drift over to your soft and cozy bed, curl up with your favorite book and float off to sleep. This is the beginning of a perfect nights sleep. Thit is our goal here at ME AND A TREE. 


Our Cedarwood Yuzu Luxury Bar Soap has some of the most cherished essential oils used by the ancients. Frankincense is included in this particular bar to help the body heal naturally from inflammation, muscle aches, and headache tension. This divinely scented bar lathers beautifully with the perfect amount of bubbles for cleansing gently. Let it take you far, far, and away from all your earthly troubles to a land of healing.


Cedarwood Atlas essential oil is also included in this bar and is used in the aromatherapy industry for easing agitation, depression, and anxiety. It's also used in many expensive skin care products to aid the body in healing from acne. Cedarwood is said to be helpful in improving air quality among many other useful benefits.


Yuzu an expensive citrus-like fruit (and essential oil) from Japan, is added for many reasons. Yuzu is found where blossoms and green trees surround the popular luxury steamy hot spring resorts. Yuzu is valued for being a natural yet gentle antiseptic for the skin and is seen floating in the water in big ornage balls between the bathers while aiding in healing the mind and cleansing the skin. 


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Everyone has the option of using natural bar soaps instead of liquid soap. It's an eco-friendly responsible choice. Handmade soaps such as ours are free from SLS and cancer-causing chemicals. Showering and bathing with our natural handmade hair and body bar soaps have their rewards. Not only does your mind benefit from the natural aromatherapy but your skin and muscles also benefit from the essential oils as well. You'll feel more relaxed mentally, and your skin will look more healthy and youthful, and you'll be avoiding cancer-causing chemicals found in liquid soaps that over dry and damage the skin, our health, the animals, and the environment.


Our bar soaps lather naturally and beautifully and we don't depend on detergents for a gentle and plenteous lathering experience. I purposely leave out SLS (Sodium Laural & Laureth Sulfates) BHT, Polymers, and other oddities found in so-called body products. Yes, our bars lather. We attain rich, bubbly lather completely naturally with simple 100% natural ingredients from plants, food grade oils, and flowers and then combine that knowledge with our time-tested natural understanding of plant chemistry. 


Consider the switch from conventional liquid soap to natural bar soap for the health of you and your loved ones. All our bars our eco-friendly and cruelty-free and 100% plant-based and may be purchased online or at local events throughout South Florida. Have a question? Send us an email. Love to help you select your perfect spa experience.


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