Jumping Java Scrub Overhaul

I am in the works of relaunching one of my face care products called Jumping Java Face Exfoliator. It's been with us since the beginning and as I have learned and grown more I am wanting to incorporate some new ingredients and make one that can wash down the drain a little easier.


Jumping Java Scrub Overhaul Facial Scrub Uplifting Collagen Toning Smoothing Fine Lines


I am working on adding a more lotion exfoliating quality to it. I am a big believer in making changes for the better so stay tuned because after these final ones sell out we will be changing to the new formula!  


If you are a die-hard fan then I'd pick up the last few today and stock up before the change! It will give you some peace of mind and then you can try the new one when you are ready!

As soon as these sell out we are not going to be making them so now is the time! Free Shipping over $75 so if you buy a few you can get them sent to your home for free! 

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