Hot Chocolate & Gratitude in South Florida

I am sitting outside at a Starbucks, on the ocean, in a sun dress, drinking a hot chocolate and writing this blog. It's the evening and the sun is starting to set. The air is warm, the sky is a deep powdery blue melting into orange and pink streaks, and the calm ocean looks like it goes on forever with boats dotting the horizon. The thickly padded wooden brown chair I'm sitting in is right next to a low wall that allows the soft warm wind to gently kiss my face as I watch palm trees sway in the mild breeze. As I type on a small low table, I watch relaxed happy looking tourists stream in and out of the door of the coffee shop donning their sun hats, sunscreen, bathing suits, and coverups. The scene is a good reminder that I happily live in one of the most beautiful places on this earth, South Florida. I am feeling so incredibly blessed right now.

It's the evening and most people's days are just ending but not mine. I actually get to write and work on the virtual part of my business in the evening after overseeing the many aspects of running an eco-friendly bath and beauty business during the day. I am not complaining. In fact, I am feeling so filled up with gratitude right now, I can actually feel it in my chest and arms. I almost feel as if I am vibrating. It's a little bit like "calm butterflies".

Life is good. Pretty darn good in fact. I have a great staff and customers who believe in me and what I do. We all share a passion for natural skincare. I couldn't do it without their support, or at least I wouldn't want to. They are my cheerleaders and best supporters (and many times my guinea pigs!). Don't worry, they don't mind. Right now we are all wearing my newest creation- an underarm deodorant. We've been wearing it all month. I am tweaking it to bring to market. Creating products that are natural is pretty fun actually. We as a team have a lot of satisfaction in our work and that makes life really nice. If you are one of my customers you are also part of our team. It's a group effort in many ways. Thank you for being a part of it...

Later this evening after I write this blog, I will head home and strum my guitar and maybe play a little piano with my cat Patchouli at my feet and enjoy some quality time to myself. You have to balance work with your hobbies and family. David, my husband who works the markets will come in around 11pm from Wholefoods in Pembroke Pines (a market we do every Thursday from 4-9pm) and we will talk, snuggle for a bit and maybe watch a movie on Netflix or read a book together. I am grateful for this time. Spending quality time is very important to David and I because balancing work with family is essential for any business owner.

I bet a lot of you can relate. I've met you and your families (and pets!) at the events and it's so nice to meet and exchange all the positive energy and ideas. You all encourage us every time you share your lives with us. Thank you for your friendships, support and encouragement. We appreciate that more than you can imagine. Even though we all probably can agree there are some challenges in a day, we have so much to be grateful for. After all, this is South Florida and I am enjoying this sunset and hot chocolate right now...




  • Mary Humphrey

    You had me at the beginning of your post, but you especially grabbed me with your cat named Patchouli.

    I, too, try to take the time to enjoy what life breathes into us. It goes beyond work. There is purpose, and that is beautiful.

  • Miriam

    What a lovely scene. Thanks for the reminder about being grateful for what’s already in our lives.

  • Joan Morais

    I love the ocean and crave to spend time at the ocean. Made me feel like I was at the ocean.

  • Claire

    I loved how you wrote about your sweet life in Florida. Made me want to hop on a plane and visit.

  • Kristen M. Fusaro-Pizzo

    This post brought me complete serenity as I lived vicariously through you. I always have a fondness for people who take the time to actually appreciate the beautiful world around them.

    Plus, naming your cat Patchouli is stupendous!

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