In the modern industrialized world where you and I live, it's nearly impossible to avoid chemicals. They are everywhere. I can't imagine who would want to add any more chemicals into their environment. I know I sure don't. Here are some tips to being more eco-friendly.  



Choosing better materials and ingredients and opting for recyclable BPA-free plastics is a wise choice. Even though the FDA says BPA's are relatively safe, many other studies are saying that the BPA's found in certain kinds of soft (and some hard) plastics are cancer-causing for both men and women. I would rather err on the side of caution, wouldn't you?


You can feel good about buying your face and skincare from us here at ME AND A TREE. Not only are we a cruelty-free wild crafted company that does not believe animals should be tested on for our gratification but we are also an eco-friendly company who thoughtfully selects our containers choosing packaging that is free from BPA's and other harmful ingredients. All of our product bottles and skincare containers are BPA free (bisphenol-a free), recyclable, and easy to repurpose. 


It isn't hard to select cruelty-free, eco-friendly, recyclable products if you know a few basics. Heres some tips to get you started.


1. Avoid Phthalates, SLS, Propylene Glycol, & BPA's in product ingredients & packaging (a.k.a. face creams, body lotions, body sprays, food and bodycare containers, etc) because BPA's have been shown to make their way into just about everything including skincare products, foods, drinks, and baby formula. We at ME AND A TREE do not use Phthalates, BPA's, SLS or Propylene Glycol in any of our handmade products or skincare containers. We use recyclable acrylic and materials that are BPA & Phthalate free. All ingredients here at ME AND A TREE SKINCARE are made from plant and food items i.e., edible oils, flowers, and herbs.


2. Select food and body care that use natural ingredients on labels over hard to pronounce chemical additives and ingredients. It's as easy to buy a natural handmade soap as it is to purchase soaps with SLS (sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate). Both lather the same- it's just that one takes a bit more knowledge about chemistry and is natural and the other is cheaper (a detergent) and not suitable for human beings, living organisms, plants, and animals. Avoid propylene glycol at all costs. 


3. Recycle/Repurpose The everyday things we do (or don't do) is what makes a difference in the help or harm we bring to the planet. Our oceans (there is really only one ocean), landfills, and all of humanity fair much better from recycling our containers. All of Me and a Tree Skincare bottles and jars are recyclable and BPA-free. All anyone has to do is select and designate a separate container in a home or business and bring said container out to the curb once a week for the recycling trucks to pick up. Also when going to the grocery store, I like using material bags instead of plastic or paper when possible. 

Another handy and fun idea is to repurpose things around the house. Some people use plastic and cans to make planters for herbs and plants. I have even seen really nice home office designs using repurposed plastics for plant holders, book shelves, book ends and paper file holders! Pinterest is a great place to get ideas.


What more can you do to be eco-friendly? Support USA made, grow an herb garden, eat local fruits and veggies, and buy local USA made eco-friendly artisan skincare from companies that care about the environment. A good company that cares about the environment will use BPA-free materials and recyclable containers to make their products. If we all put a small amount of planning into our daily lives, our world will be a much better place for future generations to come. 

So recycle, reuse and don't abuse. That's our cruelty-free and eco-friendly advice for a better world today and tomorrow. Please support us by purchasing your body care from us and help deliver a universal message of care to our planet and reap the benefits of eco-sustainable farming and natural living.

We congratulate our loyal customers who help us make a BIG difference in the world by supporting a company like ours and who are making better decisions every day by choosing BPA-free materials. The planet, the animals, and our ocean and land say thank you and so do we...

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