How To Increase Collagen Naturally (Both Men & Women)

Monoi Age Defying GLA Hydration Natural Monoi Flower Facial Unisex Cream


You have likely heard of collagen when talking about skincare, yet still many don’t have the full picture of its relationship to our skin.

Most beauty gurus or experts will tell every woman (and now men too-yep men also need it!) that collagen should be part of their skin regime, few truly understand the benefits of why collagen is so adored and revered for healthy and gorgeous skin.

Did you know? Well made Artisan Bar Soap Can...

Stimulate your own skin's collagen? It's true! One of the easiest ways to activate collagen in the skin is to gently yet vigorously agitate the skin. You certainly can use a specific cleansing facial exfoliator such as Me and a Tree's Jumping Java's stimulating face and body exfoliator (a customer favorite!) however did you know that Me and a Tree’s Face and Body Bar Soaps will also do the job?







Well, first off the bars are formulated for the face before anything else! That's important! Chemistry and science with knowledge of natural ingredients is both an art and science in one. We know our stuff! Secondly, because of the unique chemistry of our soap, it not only gently cleanses and gently exfoliates without robbing the skin of its natural oils while balancing and conditioning the skin deeply but it also closes pores at the same time. Mix this with a sisal exfoliating bag or one of our gentle brushes for the face and you will see vast improvements in your skin including smaller pores and glowing skin.

Liquid soaps and poorly made bar soap (and exfoliators for that matter) are often made using cheap, harsh, detergents, FD& C colorants and other unnatural ingredients that actually age the skin (and may even be linked to cancer) over time. Liquid soap is a huge culprit in this field as are clear looking so-called "glycerine bars".  Those clear type of bars tout "clear" and more pure- yet those bars destroy the skin and they also use a lot of alcohol to make them clear (very drying) and are not ideal for facial skin (or any skin in our opinion). Dry skin equals aged and damaged skin over time.


Me and a Tree’s unisex, cold-pressed and eco-friendly bar soaps provide an invigorating experience that is gentle, natural and effective, plus they smell AWESOME! Made with Essential oils and natural plants you can't really get a more balanced bar.  Made for various skin types, you can find exactly what you need for your skincare regimen and that includes sensitive skin. All of our bars are balanced with natures finest chemistry.


For sensitive or overly dry skin, the Spearmint Wheatgrass or Charcoal Kaolin Clay bar soaps will lightly restore and smooth out the face while infusing your delicate facial skin with special herbal botanicals and pure essential oils of the highest grade.


For oily skin, the Poppy Love Clay Detox or the Dead Sea Mud bar soaps are the ideal syntheses of detoxification and deep cleansing without over-drying the skin or making it too oily.

For normal and combination skin, you certainly can't go wrong with the Honeysuckle Jasmine Rose Clay bar or Lotus in Love bar soap. Made with skin-loving ingredients like unrefined shea butter and virgin cold pressed olive fruit oil, you’ll be forever thankful for these little miracle workers- just ask our clients and customers! 


Youthful Eyes

Who doesn't want to preserve their youth as long as possible? No one wants to look older than they ought and you don't have to either! The best way to treat and help prevent aging signs is to use the right high-quality products that boost natural collagen without clogging pores and causing irritation.


If you have already seen some premature signs of aging don't worry you can still repair a lot. It may take a little longer but rest assured that choosing the right products can make a huge difference in your skin. Combine that with eating healthy and exercise a few times a week and your body will do it's job and repair damage. Choosing the right skincare food can also depend on the type of lifestyle you have. One thing is for sure- plant-based products that are freshly made, are so beneficial for our body and skin (especially in the long run) that there really is no excuse for picking some up today and love on your skin and health. 

Collagen and Naturals Vegan Skin Care Routine

Need help choosing a facial cream that also imparts nutrients and vitamins to your skin? 

Well, if you’re a jet-setter and spend a lot of time outdoors and being active then before your next outing or trip, pick up Me and a Tree’s Bright Eyes and Face Daytime Line Defense Cream it's a must. It's non-nano zinc oxide SPF is gentle yet effective enough to be used daily. This powerful formula made with carrot seed oil, tamanu and vitamin E help fight premature aging and renew the skin. Enriched with empowering fusion of green tea extract, jojoba, CoQ10, and evening primrose oil, this nourishing and skin-balancing day cream is certainly something everyone should have in their hands.


Bright Eyes & Face Unisex Day Cream with Zinc Natural Vegan Handmade

If you’re more of an indoor person and live in a more overcast (less sunny place) - then you likely need more Vitamin D and don't likely need as much SPF protection and there’s something for you, too. The Monoi Age Defying Natural Nighttime Face Cream is a customer favorite. With the exquisite lightly scented blend of the Monoi de Tiare flower (Tahitian Gardenia) and the addition of all-natural plant extracts, this overnight creme is nothing less than incredibly beneficial. Monoi flowers are an anti-aging secret to many and very well loved by men and women alike for its highly nutritive natural Vitamin B and C content. 


While toning skin complexion, this age-defying magical blend is SLS-free and completely vegan! Even more than that, it does something a little similar to collagen, it helps boost GLA levels, something we lose as we age.


Best Silicon Brush For Collagen Production Face Care Routine

When using bar soaps or body wash in the shower, it’s not enough to rub the skin. In order to gently stimulate the right amount of collagen without robbing the skin, it is best to use a soft brush. Me and a Tree’s new skin brush can help cleanse, reawaken and smooth out the skin without overdoing it. Most people often don’t realize that over-cleansing the skin can cause it to produce too much sebum, leading to conditions like acne, or oily skin or scalp. This is why it’s crucial to use the right tools to stimulate the relevant area, hydrate, and eventually close pores.


Now that you finally know what it really means to provide a synergistic dynamic between collagen and your skin, it’s time to put knowledge into action. Find the right plant-based products at Me and a Tree Natural Vegan Handcrafted Skin Care and get started.







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