Celebrating Easter AND our 17 Year Wedding Anniversary

It's Easter weekend. It's also the weekend David and I will be celebrating our seventeenth wedding anniversary!  

We have been dating for twenty and a half years. Crazy, right? Time just goes too fast! I want it to slow down but it just flies. We knew each other three and a half years before we decided to make a lifetime commitment to be married as husband and wife on April 9, 2000, back when were just two crazy kids who lived in South Beach FL. It only feels like seven or eight years, to be honest. Where the heck does the time go? We have enjoyed our time together so much! We are best friends and we still love each other so much to this very day. It is such a blessing to be able to say that and really mean it. We always look forward to our time together and that's what this weekend is all about. The blessings in life. Love and friendship. 

Since our anniversary fell on a weekday (which was hard for us to leave with the Holiday and our business), we decided we are going to have fun this weekend while remembering Easter and this incredible journey called LIFE. And what a blessed life it is! So with that in mind, we decided to carve out some alone time to recharge, remember laugh and laugh some more! Oh yes, I LOVE to laugh! Keeps me young...

We plan on being incommunicado the entire weekend along with Monday and Tuesday but, we will be back Wednesday at Me and a Tree to tend to any and all your skincare and candle needs. 

So, without further adieu, Have a Happy Easter! I hope you have a beautiful weekend celebrating and enjoying life with friends and family. Drive safe and enjoy the holiday break...

With Love,

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