Anti-Aging: What You Need to Know

Everyone can look younger than their years. No one wants to have new wrinkles, sagging skin or find dark spots on their face. That’s why anti-aging products are now becoming more popular than ever. People are enjoying what nature has created. By selecting moisturizers and creams that have powerful plant extracts and natural ingredients new plant-based skin care and has given us a welcomed youthful and natural glow without using harsh chemicals. 


So what is it about anti-aging products that make these positive differences?


High-Quality Nutrients


When it comes to creating skincare products, especially when it comes to anti-aging, quality is everything. If a product contains highly concentrated or powerful ingredients, plants, and herbs, they are more likely to prove effective.


For example, Me and a Tree’s Jumping Java Exfoliating Wash is infused with anti-aging compounds such as blended Damascus roses, concentrated rose hip powder extract, and the Borage flower. Along with Jojoba oil, coffee beans, and sweet almond oil, this mask creates the perfect combination to help stimulate collagen and fight anti-aging.


Exfoliators aim to gently eliminate dead skin cells while moisturizing the dermal layer of the skin to give a noticeable and radiant flow. Exfoliating and nourishing the skin with powerful elements such as rosehip will give anyone looking for more youthful skin a noticeable difference.


The Right Combination


Of course, when it comes to creating skincare products that work, the face behind the product needs to understand how to blend and combine the right elements. This means being able to recognize properties that can be applied to the face, making sure they are safe, and knowing which combination is just right to give anti-aging effects.


Michelle’s Carrot Tamanu Natural Facial Miracle Elixir has the perfect synergistic blend. Formulated with Tamanu, carrot seed oil, borage oil, avocado oil, geranium oil, lavender, plant glycerin, vitamin E, and other flower extracts, this nourishing oil promotes gentle nourishing to the skin which can help support the skin’s natural regenerative process. This miracle elixir can be used to minimize wrinkles, sun spots, insect bites, and even skin irritation.


Knowing the right combination of high-quality nutrients means everything when it comes to the skin, so choosing a brand that knows the art can make all the difference!




Though most people will resort to anti-aging products and creams, which they should rightfully so, what they eat may also take a toll on their skin. A few tweaks to eating habits can not only make a big difference in the mirror but also increase the effectiveness of skin care products. For example, leafy greens may not be everyone’s lunch choice, but they can help rid of your body’s toxins and hormones that may negatively impact your skin. Fish that have omega-3 fatty acids, like Salmon, and Flaxseed Oil can improve your sleep cycle, and everyone needs their beauty sleep!


A big bonus for your skin is to always keep your body hydrated and to drink at least two liters a day. If this is harder than expected, green tea is a great alternative. It contains “catechins” which deliver fresh blood and oxygen to the skin, keeping it at its optimal level! For those who prefer caffeine-free teas, lavender herb tea and any herbal that is naturally caffeine free such as Chamomile and Spearmint teas are excellent choices as well.


Anti-aging isn’t overwhelming when you’re using the right skincare products and eating the right foods. Me and a Tree’s is dedicated to creating effective skincare products by using high-quality food-grade ingredients from the best sources and integrating them in the right combinations.


If you’re in need of anti-aging nighttime cream, or even something to protect you against the sun, check out Me and a Tree’s beautiful collection today.

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