5 Tips for the Perfect Valentines Day February 07, 2017 23:29 1 Comment

Love is in the air- or is it? Valentine's Day will be your time to rejuvenate your body, soul, and love life. Trust me; you will be so grateful for making this a traditional "time out" for you and your love. Commit right now to making it the best day ever.  


Use the five tips below and get started right now on planning for your relaxing journey of love, reconnection, and healing.

Turn off all electronics and spend time relaxing. It's easy to avoid each other (or your thoughts) by accident. While many like to put movies on- in truth you'd be better off putting on some relaxing mood music and doing some light stretching either alone or together.  I find that wearing something a little better than bed clothes makes this a lot more fun. Hint: Sexy. Men this means you too. Perhaps new pajama bottoms that fit and make you look good- no sweatpants allowed. Something new and different is nice. Ladies: No long t-shirts. Instead, go for curve showing goodness. 

Shave, wash your hair, and soak your skin in natural essential oils, potions, and lotions. You may also want to invite your lover into this part of the ritual (who wouldn't want to be massaged, and pampered with essential oils scents and then some? Be sure to invite them to indulge you back too! They will be happy to return the favor. For more ideas go HERE  
WARNING! You may be in too much bliss to make it past step 2, if so consider it a job well done and pat yourself on the back!  

Hydrated skin is one of the greatest secrets to gorgeous skin. If you haven't had a chance to care for your skin this week, it's not too late to get prepped for your special evening. Moisturizing your skin (face and body) helps with diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, crepey, dry, ashy, pasty, skin (especially on forgotten places such as the elbows, knees, and neck. If you moisturize more regularly, you will see that you need less "cover up" and will look radiant and naturally more attractive all over.

A most charming way to an intimate evening is through sight, smell, sound, and touch. Give them something to look forward to- bliss. "Seeing" the way in which you will be relaxing will start your endorphins going, and your muscles will be singing hallelujah! Turning the lights off and putting scented candles in strategic locations like the halls, bathroom, windows, and tub says something "special" is about to take place while providing a calm, sensual atmosphere. Combine with a cushy fluffy towel or robe, and you have the makings of a mysterious invitation to a very delightful evening. The sight of beautiful flowers and the sound of warm running water will surely ignite the senses. Don't forget the mood music.

You gave them the sound and the vision, now provide them with the smell of natural flowers. I love the feel and smell of scented candles. Soy Massage Candles are a three-in-one product because they combine aromatherapy (stress reduction and well-being), massage (muscle therapy), and soft light (intimacy) while ensuring a clean space without worrying about getting black soot on the walls because Soy Candles are soot-free, provided they have a cotton wick.

Pure essential oils drops are another alternative to candles and are perfect for room defusers that spray a light steam into the atmosphere. Just one drop and you have an instant lavender field or another type of fragrant scent to fill your room. No diffuser, no problem. You can use an essential oil spray as well. Essential oil sprays are already mixed for you in a grab and go spray bottle and add a unique experience to your enchanted evening. You may use pre-made essential oils sprays for scenting pillows, sheets, towels and more.

Memorable is what you're going for, and our senses are the pathways to the finest memories. Be sure to use all of them for your lovely evening of pure goodness. Oh, one last thing- No kids.  Find a sitter- it's just the two of you.  Plan ahead you still have time. Create memories that are worth remembering this Valentines Day and make your life a beautiful song of love.

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