3 Simple & Effective Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

Elephant 3 Simple & Effective Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles. They’re cute on elephants, puppies and even when they become part of a baby’s chubby leg, but not on us human beings! The truth is, we can’t stop the natural aging process, but we can definitely help reduce the number of wrinkles or fine lines that appear on our face and body.

Here are the best tips on how you can naturally prevent wrinkles:



You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but we just want to remind you--Hydration is number one when it comes to actively taking care of your skin. Drinking water is not only required for cellular respiration and other bodily functions but can also be a determining factor in the look of your skin.


Our skin has two layers: The outer layer, epidermis, and the dermis, which is right below. Wrinkles tend to take place in the dermis, which is made up of collagen and proteins. As we age, our bodies end up producing less and less collagen which is what controls our skin’s elasticity and smoothness.


Though many factors contribute to aging, dehydration has proven to be the most common. More than drinking water, hydration also means using the right products to moisturize your skin. With botanical flower extracts, skin-enriching emollients and phytonutrients like vitamin E, Me and a Tree’s Bright Eyes and Face Daytime Line Defense Cream will surely moisture, balance, and protect your skin!


If you’re looking for a nourishing evening routine, the Monoi Age Defying Nighttime Cream is also a popular favorite. Gently combined with the Monoi de Tiare flower, hydrating jojoba oil and replenishing borage starflower oil, you’ll be giving your skin plenty of nutrients and healing botanical extracts that naturally replenish your skin's needs.



Did you say silky smooth? That’s what we all want when it comes to our skin. Who doesn’t want the satisfying feeling of clean and flawless beauty? With Me and a Tree’s artisan spa bar soaps, and Jumping Java Face & Body Exfoliator well your exfoliation routine is about to become a whole other experience. It's the secret to a beautiful smooth youthful glow.


When exfoliating, you’re removing all the dead skin cells and dirt, allowing for your skin to become smoother and cleaner. The best way to do so is by using the right skin-balancing ingredients to help you actively nourish and stimulate your skin. By using rejuvenating ingredients like evening primrose and sweet almond oil, exfoliation has never felt better.


With the use of these artisan spa bars and exfoliators along with and a facial brush, you can help lessen the look of large pores and stimulate your skin's collagen which will help you attain a beautiful youthful glow.


If you’re looking for the perfect all-natural, eco-friendly and nourishing soap bar to help you out, you can browse Me and a Tree’s exquisite selection to choose your natural skin balancing artisan bar.


You can get as picky as you want, we won't judge!



When it comes to your skin, it’s sensitive enough, that it needs extra care and protection. Aside from staying outdoors too long, protecting your skin goes beyond normal sunscreen. We’re talking about ingredients like carrot seed oil, which can help your skin prevent sun damage before it even occurs! How fascinating is that?


With Me and a Tree’s indulgent Carrot Tamanu Natural Facial Miracle Elixiryou now have the power to really protect your skin. This synergistic blend of tamanu, carrot seed, borage, avocado, geranium, and primrose oils is gently designed to soothe and preserve the natural glow your skin deserves.


If you want to take it to another level, you can use both the Elixir and the Bright Eyes and Face Daytime Line Defense Cream to spoil your skin with a combo of plants and nutrient love. Topical oils combined in these products will regenerate, replenish and help strengthen your skin.


We’re so excited for you to discover endless possibilities to help breathe new life into your skin! Get started on picking your favorite skincare combos and shop now

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