3 New Year Resolutions That Will Change Your Life (Guaranteed)!

1. Practice Daily Gratitude

Adopting a more positive mindset first thing in the morning maintains your youth.  Studies have found that practicing gratitude also increases memory, health, and lifespan. 

Instead of rushing out of bed and reading emails and social media take a deep breath and make your morning a moment to savor. Have some "calm" gratitude time. Before your brain starts ingesting information or accumulating perceived problems STOP. Practice 5-15 minutes of focused gratitude and deep breaths first thing in the morning. I have a ritual in the morning that goes something like this. After making my bed, brushing my teeth and getting dressed, I put on a pot of hot water. No talking or hearing about anything work-related until after I have my hot herbal infused tea and calm gratitude and breathing time. I take this time to be grateful for my life, my blessings, and my accomplishments. I feel the joy and happiness this realization affords me. I feel my body and mind fill up with positive emotional energy and I genuinely enjoy the feeling that I am experiencing in this particular moment and time. I end with a prayer for my family and friends. This sets my mood for the day. Choosing your mood is an active choice and no one can force anyone to be a grump. Choose your mood and make it a positive one. Then celebrate your life!

2. Create More Time (The Art of Chunking)

Chunking- taking a mere five minutes of your time (a little chunk) and doing one thing you've been avoiding all day, week, month or year long and putting it in a five-minute slot. 

The great thing about chunking is it only takes five minutes of your valuable time. If you decide to do a task for longer that's up to you but your goal is to simply set aside five minutes of your time. There's always that one thing we avoid over and over that suddenly becomes as frightening as the "monster" under the bed we feared as kids. Humans will do almost anything to avoid pain but "it" will still be there lurking in the dark recess of our mind, shaming us and making us feel small, powerless and inadequate. The key to kicking this "shame monster" to the curb? Chunking. Chunking allows us to take back our time and gain confidence as well. 
3. Choose To Be More Positive in 2018 (You'll Live Longer). 

Create positive scenarios about others, yourself, and the world around you and the world will suddenly open her loving arms to you. 

There are choices that we make each day in each moment of our lives that either improve and expand life-producing energy or diminish and squash it. Choose your emotions daily, taking control of your own emotional state. Commit to a more positive experience in 2018. Watching a sunset gives more life producing positive energy. Complaining depletes life-producing energy both for the complainer and the listener.  Wonder and awe create more inspiration and energy. Inspiration gives us and others more motivation and more joy. Complaining and listening to others complain affects all life energy, no one is immune. There's positive energy and negative energy. Ask yourself who you would rather be around on a day to day basis? The person who chronically complains or the person that's full of creative ideas, love, and positive energy? Fill your life with people who choose life-giving words, and who create positive experiences and emotions both for themselves (very important) and for others.  Life is sweeter when we build each other up. Also, practicing forgiveness will help you build positivity towards yourself and others. Lastly, omit negative news and anything that steals your joy and light. There are so many amazing praiseworthy experiences to be had in this life. Just look at creation! Don't settle for dead energy and mediocrity. Thrive and come alive in 2018! 

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