SUMMER IS HERE YET AGAIN! June 07, 2016 19:52

I am so excited to be able to scuba dive in warm waters again. I also need to step up my game with making sunscreen because we have been getting more requests as the heat comes on! A comment by a customer was shared with me over the weekend about how well our sunscreen stays on even when you sweat. I agree. I am very active from running to swimming, and I wear my sunscreen as well. Although I always tell people that ALL SUNSCREENS need to be applied when you are coming into contact with water (or sweat) - it's true that ours stay on better than many due to the oils we add.


Many companies add a lot of chemicals which not only destroy our coral reefs and kill our ocean habitat, but they also don't stay on very well and can feel overly slippery, kind of like wearing gel. I am not a fan of those myself. I do not like feeling sticky. I like getting moisturizing oils along with my sun protection and knowing I am using quality ingredients and staying protected- naturally.

Not a fan of sun lotions that make your skin white? Here's a little secret. Sunscreen isn't meant to be applied before you go outside. It's supposed to be used about 20-30 minutes before you go into the sun so it can "absorb" into your skin. The reason our Me and a Tree Sunscreen is white going on is because it has all natural zinc oxide in it which is a broad spectrum sunscreen ingredient. So use it with the idea of rubbing it in thoroughly and wait 20-30 minutes before going outside and the "white" will go away and you'll stay protected- naturally.