Changing for the Better (New Packaging for You!)

Change is in the air! I know most people cringe at the idea of change. However, I am sure if you think back about some positive changes in your life you may reminisce about how your change led you to higher places. That's how it's been for Me and a Tree through our many seasons of change. Each one keeps getting better and better!

As you may already know, we love using natural ingredients in our formulations and pride ourselves on the fact that we don't use harmful preservatives to keep our products from growing mold and other icky organisms. Our new packaging ensures that. Same formula. New packaging.

We chose a system that not only makes sure we keep the good things in and the bad things out- but we also made sure that YOU don't have to worry about putting your fingers inside a beautiful artisan created natural cream only to contaminate it. Yes. It's true. You can introduce the wrong ingredients (bacteria) just by dipping your finger inside and closing the lid back on. With our new dispensing system, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

We have two new airless pumps that dispense just the right amount of day and night cream without you ever having to open a jar. It also creates less waste than our old packaging, is eco-friendly, and looks sleek and modern sitting in your bathroom.

Check out our new design for our two face creams Bright Eyes & Face for daytime use with sunscreen and our lovely Monoi de Tiare night cream in the newly designed jars. We also changed our Jumping Java Face Exfoliator, and although this formulation doesn't require an airless delivery system, it is much easier to hold and use. Enjoy!

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